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PlibC File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
src/access.c [code]Access()
src/atoll.c [code]Atoll()
src/chdir.c [code]Chdir()
src/chmod.c [code]Chmod()
src/choosedir.c [code]Common dialogs to choose files
src/choosefile.c [code]Common dialog to choose files
src/close.c [code]Close()
src/creat.c [code]Creat()
src/ctime.c [code]Ctime(), ctime_r()
src/errno.c [code]Translate Windows error codes to errno codes
src/flock.c [code]Flock()
src/fopen.c [code]Fopen()
src/fread.c [code]Fread()
src/fstat.c [code]Fstat()
src/fsync.c [code]Fsync()
src/fwrite.c [code]Fwrite()
src/gettimeofday.c [code]Gettimeofday()
src/inet_pton.c [code]Inet_pton for Windows
src/intl.c [code]Bindtextdomain()
src/langinfo.c [code]Langinfo()
src/mkstemp.c [code]Mkstemp()
src/mmap.c [code]Mmap() and munmap.c
src/open.c [code]Open()
src/opendir.c [code]Opendir()
src/path.c [code]Translation Unix pathnames -> Windows pathnames
src/pid.c [code]Waitpid()
src/pipe.c [code]Pipe()
src/plibc.c [code]Core of PlibC
src/printf.c [code]Unix compatible printf for Windows
src/random.c [code]Random()
src/read.c [code]Read()
src/readlink.c [code]Readlink()
src/realpath.c [code]Realpath()
src/registry.c [code]Helper functions for the Windows registry
src/remove.c [code]Remove()
src/rename.c [code]Rename()
src/rmdir.c [code]Rmdir()
src/select.c [code]Select implementation for Win32
src/ [code]Symlink implementation for Windows
src/socket.c [code]Socket()
src/stat.c [code]Stat()
src/statfs.c [code]Statfs()
src/strerror.c [code]Strerror()
src/string.c [code]String functions
src/strptime.c [code]This is a slightly modified version by the "R Project" <> with locale support removed
src/symlink.c [code]Symlink()
src/truncate.c [code]Truncate()
src/unlink.c [code]Unlink()
src/write.c [code]Write()
src/include/langinfo.h [code]Modified version of glibc's langinfo.h
src/include/plibc.h [code]PlibC header
src/include/plibc_private.h [code]Private declarations

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