PlibC A POSIX compliant libc for Windows

About this project

Applications written for Unix often rely on functions that are incomplete or unimplemented in the Microsoft C runtime library.
The Cygwin project emulates a more or less complete Unix environment to run Unix based applications under Windows.
However, this emulation isn't fast and doesn't provide the Windows "Look and Feel".

PlibC (re)implements typical C functions as defined in the POSIX standard and the Single Unix Specification to extend the MS C runtime library without loosing the integration into Windows.


This project was started in 2003 by Nils Durner as part of GNUnet. It moved to Sourceforge as an independent project in 2005.


The source code documentation is available here.


The printf() and scanf() implementation was taken from Felix von Leitner's diet libc.

Wez Furlong from the PHP project has donated the select() implementation.

Success stories

PlibC is known to be used by the following projects:

GNU's decentralized anonymous and censorship-resistant P2P framework
GNU libextractor
A library for meta-data extraction from binary documents


Stable version

The stable releases are available from the file area.


Anonymous checkout:
svn co

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